When Monkeys Fly

What’s the number one question we get every day at The Marshmallow Monkey? “How did you come up with the name?” Well…here you go:

About three years ago, Brandon and I had the dream of owning our own business. We both imagined a small community business, with a purpose of giving back to the community. At that time, the reality was that we REALLY weren’t going to drop everything at that very moment and “do it”. The dream included a great name that our future customers would come to love and had to have a deep meaning to us.  Between the idea of a toy store, a cupcake shop, a town bakery and maybe even a home décor business, we didn’t know precisely what this lofty dream was going to be.

Brandon and I are like legacy -keepers; we don’t think of today, but instead we are dreaming up what life will be like for our kids when it’s their turn to make a mark in the community. One of the most important aspects was (on a list a mile long) to make the name a good one. We have two kids, Blaise who is 11 and Olivia, 9. As they were growing up, Olivia was nicknamed affectionately as “monkey” and Blaise would be found with a pocket full of marshmallows (that’s when they weren’t pressed on the ends of his fingers like a bear claw).  While Brandon was at the firehouse 3 days a week, I had the awesome blessing of being able to travel all around the country as a healthcare consultant; visiting little unique shops from town to town. All of them were named the most random things like “Pink Olive”, “Orange Poppy”, “The Owl’s Nest” (but hard to get out of your mind when you hopped a jet to the next town).  We wanted our name to stick (Like the inside of a marshmallow).


Randomly, it was a Wednesday night sometime in 2010. I just got off an airplane from somewhere in Middle America. Imagine the kids running around that table (complete chaos all around), cell phone ringing with the latest nano-crisis from a hospital blowing up and that box of packing peanuts that were neatly nestled in that FedEx box just delivered had been annihilated into micro-sized pieces with static cling to everything including both children and the dog.  Brandon is a great wordsmith and I am a fine artist who was hijacked for 18 years in healthcare. Together we have a quirky style and often charter a path less taken.

I begin telling Brandon of these adorable shops that were in Dallas from my latest trip.  We basically sat for two hours brainstorming what the name of our undisclosed business-to-be would be named. We both agreed we wanted something that would create a great story for the kids to tell (in the event they end up running this business someday) and something people will grow to love and never forget.

We begin with Monkey. (That was after Brandon had to ask Olivia 6 times to stop hanging on his leg to get our attention) While we both thought it was a great start, we weren’t sure it was going to be “the one”.  Literally a few days went by and a bag or two of marshmallows eaten, Brandon says “what about adding Marshmallow to the Monkey”? I thought “that may be an awesome name; a little of both kids metaphorically woven into the fabric of our company?” YES! The Marshmallow Monkey became a more vivid reality.

We won’t lie; it was after exploration of many interesting adjectives to slide in front of that “Monkey” before we landed on The Marshmallow Monkey. There is a smidge of science behind it, which is really boring to iron out too, like what website URLs and Twitter handles are available that will literally cut your list of names down to one or two. That made the decision really easy! We just knew, whether it was cupcakes, toys or flowers, Marshmallow Monkey could work.

The next couple of weeks were filled with lengthy processes to register the name, grab the URL and ensure we had a name ready…. not knowing in just three short years we would be here.

Yep, it took three years to get all the ducks (Not monkeys) in a row, but we are so excited about our new shop, and being able to carry on our family’s 75 year legacy and we look forward to the day that Olivia and Blaise get to tell their story with pockets full of marshmallows and a new spin on the monkey biz.





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