The World According to the Queen Monkey …and other daily house calls.



Somewhere between 35,000 feet in the air en route to Dallas, while eating a warm cookie, enjoying the privileges of First Class, I was fighting back tears with each bite. I had lost my passion. I had to recalculate. Within days, I told the suits to take their 2,000 shares of stock and, well, keep them. “I’m going to open a business called the Marshmallow Monkey.” I graciously accepted the predictable looks, the kindly conservative reactions and walked down hall, passion in hand. What they didn’t see across the shiny, over waxed boardroom table were one Queen Monkey, two munchkins, a husband and a big, bold vision.

A year plus later, we’re going and growing strong. We run the business like my hair—you gotta mix it up, keeps ya young. A new hue, shave a little off the sides, maybe even bangs (no, not bangs, I swore never again). The Marshmallow Monkey isn’t ready for a makeover yet, but a few highlights does a girl good.

Our people spoke and we listened, grabbed the keys, turned up the music and got on the road right to your door. So this month, just in time for Christmas decorating, we are coming to you. Say hello to our new splash of color, House Calls.

From Franklin, Whiteland, Columbus, Greenwood, Westfield, Carmel, Broad Ripple and even Zionsville, if our people need us, House Calls will go. Seeking furniture, a gift or maybe some savory advice on how to paint grandma’s hutch? We can provide that insight to your doorstep now. The sky is the limit and our bag is like Mary Poppins’ filled with tools, tips and tricks for anyone or any project. Here’s a quick list to get your brains storming. If you don’t see something you need listed, send us a note to

  • Holiday staging and decorating. Do you have a tubs and tubs of Holiday decorations, but are sick of the same old rerun of your Christmas Vacation? Have us stop in and give you suggestions on how you can repurpose those old relics into something new. Chances are, it’s there, and you just need a monkey’s view of the world. Can’t stand putting up your Christmas tree? Have a party but don’t have time to decorate? Give us a call and we will be your little Holiday Helper.
  • Revival of Grandma’s Hutch. I bet you are like us, you have one of grandma or Aunt Edna’s heirloom pieces and, well, and let’s just say, and it’s not very you. That’s okay, because it can be. We are one (house) call away to providing a quick makeover to your piece or giving you the “know-how” to finish it yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to attend a painting class because we can paint it or show you how. Don’t have paint? That’s okay, we will bring it to you, if DIY is your thing. This is a great option for those of you who like to finish a project while your significant other is at work. It’s like a “while you were out moment”. No travel required.
  • Find and Pick. Ever dream of being Frank or Mike from American Pickers? Yeah, we live that show and it’s likely we have one of what you are looking for. If we don’t, we will find it…and deliver it.
  • Gifts and Flowers. We’re like fruitcake for so many reasons. We have the perfect gift, gift basket or flowers custom made for each person. You provide a little insight, we create that “you are amazing” gift for that not so easy to buy for friend or relative. We will deliver your beautifully customized gift to catch that certain someone by surprise. Monkeys make great Christmas elves. Send us your list or ideas and we can do the grunt work while you soak up the glory.
  • Pick our Brain. This is a category for all things that have no category. Maybe you purchased your dream home and she’s 120 years old (we can’t relate). And you noticed the 30-year-old wallpaper will not come off the plaster wall? We have a solution that will save you time and money. Our advice is really reasonable and if that wall project is something you want done, but don’t have the time? We will make a House Call.
  • Staging. Are you selling your house? Are you a realtor? We can help you stage a home to sell it fast. Every house we have staged, has sold in less than 30 days. Monkey see, monkey do.

An app is coming soon. The app will help you see when we will be in your neighborhood. Until then, call the shop at 317-494-6020 or check Facebook to see where we will be trekking. Try it on for size, tell a friend. Monkey see, monkey do.



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