Our Story

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 5.02.38 PMIf you know us, it’s likely you had no idea we come from generations of gardening and flower gurus. It started more than 75 years ago when my grandpa came to America from Germany with his parents in the hopes of a better life. As many locals know, Bluff Road was a haven to German immigrants who made their living growing produce and flowers in greenhouses, so much so they became known as greenhouse growers. At the early age of six, grandpa had his hands in the dirt growing crops with his uncle. Grandpa, Adolph Becker, (pictured here in 1920, age six, with his uncle), helped harvest tomatoes and with the help of his handy wagon, picked cucumbers.

Eventually, he acquired the family business, Becker Brothers, and grew bib lettuce and tomatoes for the farmers market in downtown Indianapolis. I couldn’t tell you if your wine is paired well with your fancy duck—but thanks to grandpa I darn well know a good tomato. It’s in my blood. Those ten greenhouses were like magic kingdoms to me as a kid. As a child, I walked hand-in-hand with grandpa into the warm, 90 degree heat in the middle of winter, stomping the snow off my boots to find a tree yielding delicious oranges. I was so lucky to have this time. The moments gardening with grandpa are woven into my being.

When I was 10, my grandpa suffered a severe heart attack that forced him to give up hothouse gardening. The greenhouses withered away and ultimately the property was sold.

A generation later, my mom followed in the family footsteps and grew her own floral design business on the same property where Becker Brothers planted its first seed. As a teenager, I didn’t appreciate all the times I had to help “behind the scenes”, but who knew, decades later, it was invaluable job training.  Proms and beautiful corsages; a wedding dripping with florals fit for Martha; and a couple baby showers draped in pink and blue later, I have embraced the calling of gardening and floral design, with a little twist.

You see my husband, Brandon, and I, love the hunt for beautiful treasures at old fashioned prices. About a year ago, we discovered a circle of people in the industry who refinish and buy worn (but not worn out) furniture. What started as a hobby grew into a business. So if you mix one part graphic designer, a heavy handed shot of years of experience in marketing, a dash of love of stationary and event planning, and garnish with a family history of business know-how—you’ve got yourself a Marshmallow Monkey.

We’ve taken over the family floral business and recently acquired a quaint spot in Franklin, Indiana.  Soon we will open the doors to rooms filled with distinctive treasures looking to be cherished. Once we have the shop arranged and tied with a bow, we can’t wait to welcome you in. Until then, we’ve got our hands in the dirt nurturing this dream. We’d love if you would follow us here to see what we are discovering, refinishing and filling grandpa’s wagon with.

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