Christmas is S’more.


With the news of Starbuck’s red cup debacle still fresh in everyone’s mind and the holiday season ramping up, we wanted to share some of our most wonderful moments of the year; and yes, our feedback cards were green. Don’t read into it too much, they were scraps of paper left from a pile of expired flyers.


About a month ago we were reminded of the looming deadline to decorate a tree we had agreed to sponsor in May for The Festival of Trees downtown Indianapolis. Mind you, this is when it was 90 degrees and raining this past summer. As the date crept upon us, we received a call from the Indiana Historical Society to prepare a “theme” and concept for the tree. Full disclosure here, we had not made a list or checked it twice. C’mon, we have been consumed by a new building, and lets not forget, amazing support from our community and customers keeping us well beyond busy.

Deadlines. If it wasn’t moving, sanding floors, fixing roof leaks, renovating a rental property above our shop, feeding the kids, painting furniture, taking the dog out, ordering new product, noticing the E light on the dashboard somewhere between delivering flowers and picking up Olivia from cheer practice….let’s just say, a “Theme” for a tree was about to tap out all the tinsel we could muster up. You know. We have had Christmas up since July. And, as many of you know, we have O.C.D. (That’s Obsessive Christmas Disorder) with plenty on the 2016 calendar to get started.

This past weekend was another amazing kickoff to the holiday season with our neighbors, customers and friends. We quickly brainstormed a concept for this looming deadline of a tree theme in the chaotic mix of everything else. We came up with a theme to our tree inspired from the Grinch himself; Christmas is More Than Something Bought in a Store

Despite what it looks like on the outside (you know, ruffled awnings, beautifully restored floors, awesome home décor), it’s what’s on the inside that we love the most. It’s the heart of what we do. Similar to the Grinch, (we swear there is absolutely NO parity here) after years of miserable Grinch life (or corporate jobs) that perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from a store, perhaps, Christmas is a little bit more. No ice skates, trees or packages on a cup, but a green piece of paper….maybe.


Our mission has never changed. We want to be more than just a store. Grandpa Becker always said the best foundation of any business is a smile and friendships you create in the community. Not a bad concept from a good old-fashioned tomato grower. We don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

So, we called upon you, the heart of why we do what we do, and we asked you this weekend to answer this: “What makes Christmas a little bit more than a store?” Our intent, as you know, was to aid in making our tannenbaum stand out from everyone else’s. Not by glitz or beauty alone, but by its heart and purpose (which has grown three times its size). With each little green piece of paper you answered the most important question.



So, let me take you back to Saturday at 5:30pm. When most people around town were likely counting their money, we were counting our blessings and anxious to see what people wrote on those green slivers of paper- even before we counted our pennies. We were so taken back by the common theme we found in that bucket of green entries. (We nicknamed it a bucket of Jesus) And, indeed Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Each and every person’s reason for the season contained mentions of Jesus, family, tradition, friends and unity.


There were over 200 cards in that tiny bucket. There’s no way we could summarize the words, the love and the meanings of Christmas as described on a little green card. (We did love the one that said “Maybe it means S’more”)


So, instead of blowing up the capacity of a blog post with over 200 quotes, we invite you to come see your tree on display from November 27th-January 2nd at The Indiana Historical Society. (Spoiler Alert!) We plan to display each and every note on the tree we decorate. If you can’t make it this year to see the tree in person, don’t worry, we will make this our annual tradition and your “More than a store” tree will be displayed at The Marshmallow Monkey next year.

Traditions have to start somewhere, right? We know the heart and support of our customers, community and town cannot be bought in a store. Affirmation of our purpose was never expected at the bottom of that bucket, but we continue this journey with Jesus at the heart of what we do. (And apparently you do too.)

Happy whatever you celebrate… we say Merry Christmas.


Brandon, Nicole, Blaise (Marshmallow) and Olivia (Monkey)



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